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Prayer Secures Angelic Intervention; Say This Prayer To Release Your Angelic Intervention

Lord, we declare that heaven’s arsenal is waiting to be released in response to man’s invitation! So we lift our voices together and we ask that you release Messenger Angels to our cities and nations.

We ask for the Guardian Angels to be released to protect our lives and families.

We call for the Warrior Angels to come and fight against the powers of darkness hindering the Gospel of the Kingdom from manifesting in our regions.

We welcome the angelic host to do the bidding of our Father and we partner together for Angelic Intervention for such a time as this in Jesus Great Name! Amen and Amen!

Yes, it is true! Angelic intervention is released in response to man’s intercession. It is time to intercede! Let heaven’s angelic army be released into the affairs of man as a result of our invitation through prayer!

Weekend Gift.

SEE JESUS AS YOUR EXCEEDING GREAT REWARD, to have him is to have everything, he is everything you need in life, he is your satisfaction your joy and fulfillment.  

Keep growing in the knowledge of him, it may not be easy, each step may get harder but don't stop. As long as he is there in Heaven interceeding on our behalf, we will never be drop out and put to shame but life will always have a good meaning to us. The door of goodness shall not be shut against us. 

Every evil arrows shall return back to the sender... By the grace of God, (your arrival at all places will break barriers), your (miracle will break protocols), your (testimony shall last forever), you shall be the most preferred anywhere you go in the name of Jesus of Nazareth Amen. Believe that.

God will always make you the (head and not the tail). He will cause you to grow from (shame to fame) by his grace he will cause all your (mockers to become your workers) and will move from (insult to result) Jesus loves you and will always be with you till the end of this age.

Enjoy Your weekend.

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Angelic Guardian Angels Messenger Angels Weekend Gift


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