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Photos: Meet 16-year-old lady that has the curves of adults.

Africa is gifted with women who are naturally beautiful and endowed. In this post, I'll show you photos of Andiswa Selepe, a lady with an amazing figure. She was born and raised in Mpumalanga in South Africa

 Selepe is just 16 but has the curves of an adult, and this makes her female colleagues envious whenever she posts her pictures. 

Some grown-up women are willing to go under the knife to attain this young girl's body figure, but Andiswa is one of the few who naturally has that figure.

With this gift at her disposal, she has carved out a niche for herself, and many of South Africa's biggest clothing brands are calling for her services.

The 16-year-old model has over one million Instagram followers under the name "Thebomb_rsa," and she receives a lot of attention for her images due to her incredible body physique, which has led many people to question her age. 

We'll keep you updated as new information comes out.

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Africa Andiswa Andiswa Selepe Mpumalanga South Africa.


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