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2 Curvy Female Lawyers Wining More Court Cases

In Africa, the majority of people do not value the girl child. Some families believe that sons should be educated, but not their daughters. This exemplifies how challenging it is to raise a girl child in Africa.

Check globally and you would find wealthy ladies all over the continent and this attests to the fact that our lovely sisters are hardworking and dedicated.

Talk about some profession and some will tell you "these are men's job". Men are always the ones for good white-collar jobs but ladies only to the kitchen. Very wrong.

Well, that has been proven wrong by these two beautiful, curvy and intelligent female lawyers. They stand in court and plead their case with intelligence, beautiful and " all eyes on" curves.

Meet Akua Boateng.

Akua's photos went viral, as the curvy sexy prosecutor. She finished her bar exams in 2020. She is a fantastic student who also has a great sense of style.

Isn't she gorgeous

Meet Corazon Kwamboka.

Corazon was born in 1993. She was brought up in Kibos, Kisumu County.

Among other stuff, she is a Kenyan High Court lawyer, an entrepreneur, and a socialite. The lovely lady obtained a second class upper law degree from the University of Nairobi. She went on to Kenya School of Law to get her law degree and pass her bar exams. She earned her diploma and passed her national exams at Luwak Girls High School.

check out her outstanding pictures.

Which case do you think can't be won by these ladies? They got the intellect, beauty and curves to cause a turn of the table in their favour.

Let educate the girl child and when she has got it all, she will cause changes at where seems impossible.

Thanks for reading.

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