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Date Rush: Lady turned the show to a whole level as she 'romantically' proposes to a man with a ring

Many Ghanaians have it in mind that, date rush is scripted and for that matter, no seriousness is attached to it. Love is issues of the heart and it is one thing one cannot downplay. Love as we say is heavy and can never fail. In one of the episodes, a very nice looking guy by the name Gyato became emotionally attached to a lady called Grace on the show. During the show, Grace off her rush in the sense that she was afraid but Gyato mate her to on her rush and later chose her.

Now, they appeared on the 'reunion' to share their experience on how far the relationship is going. According to Gayton, he think Grace is insecure because she thinks he is dating someone. He posted her friend on his WhatsApp status and Grace became jealous so from that time, she is not putting much attention to the relationship.

But Grace who became emotional on everything decided to say something. She went close to Gyato and apologised for everything and proclaim live to all Ghanaians watching the show that, she thanks Gyato for the patience. Because when he came to him that they should start something serious, she told him to take his time and he patiently waited. She again said because of that, Gyato thinks she was not serious yet still he waited for that.

Because of his patience and attitude, she boldly says she is interested in the relationship and will go out with him. Under normal circumstances, we see only guys who propose to ladies but this time around it was vice versa. To prove that she is serious, Grace pulled out a ring and put in the finger of Gyato. She promised him right on the show. Let's see how far the whole thing goes. It is actually a good thing altogether.

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