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THE WALKING DEAD: 5 of the most emotional moments from the nine seasons.

Intriguing, suspenseful, interesting and great television shows come out every day, from good old Merlin to Twilight saga, breaking bar, Prison Break, the game of thrones and most recent, Money heist. AMC's The walking dead cannot be left out.

What is the show about? After a zombie apocalypse spread across the USA, a police officer travels in search of a safe and secure home for his family and the people he meets on his way. For those who have completed this series, these moments will serve you with some nostalgia. 

Every show has some emotional scenes, scenes that would break your heart, scene that would make you cry, scenes that would put you in suspense and dilemma. Even though the walking dead is a horror serial drama harbouring some gruesome scenes, there are emotional moments that would tickle your heart for a long time, get your tissues, you're about to ugly cry. Note that, the show contains many emotional scenes but these are tapped "most" emotional ones. The list is in no particular order.

The Fall Of the Prison. Through the hustle and bustle Rick Grimes finds new people, their group expanded, they finally found a place, a place they worked hard to keep and in doing so, people loosed their lives. They planted crops and reared pigs, it was all rosy until it was invaded by the Governor 

The most emotional thing about this episode is how the prison was destroyed and overrun by walkers as if that was not enough, the old and wise Hershel who fed people with words of wisdom was beheaded right in front of his two daughters. The pain they felt was unimaginable. The group was then scattered to the wind again. 

When they found Alexandria and fought to keep it. The group reunited after the fall of the prison. They were found and brought to Alexandria, it felt awkward at first but they adjusted with time. Rick fell in love again(with Jessie) after Lori's death and all are happy until the W's attacked them forcing a herd of walkers to break into their new sanctuary. Jessie and her sons lost their lives to herd, Carl lost one of the eyes, Rick was devastated and angry and decided to take on the herd alone. 

A smile will escape your mouth and tears will drip down your cheeks when you see the group join Rick fight because they could not stop him. From michoone to the initially Weak Father Gabriel, the young to the old, they fought the walkers and defeated them. They kept Alexandria and peace reigned.

Gleen and Abraham meet Lucille, Rick begs. The Alexandrians had been struggling with the Saviours. They met Negan and his baseball bat Lucille. In front of Sasha and Rosita, Lucille tore right into Abraham's skull over and over again. Glenn's right eye popped out of its sockets when the bat hit him the second time.

Maggie was pregnant, the pain in her eyes, the tears that flowed and the anger she felt was everything. And the character of Andrew Lincoln is strong, resilient and all but he begged Negan. He begged him to stop, no one had ever seen Rick cry like the way he did in that episode. Sad much?

Carl's death. Carl is Rick's son and right-hand man, he took after his father. Carl was kind and strong at the same time, he stole Negan's heart. On Carl's pursuit to convince his dad and bring Siddiq into Alexandria, he was bit and the most interesting part is that the audience did not know he was bitten until Rick arrived. Carl died and left an impact on Negan and his father

Every character felt the pain of losing Carl. Negan's life was spared after the war between the Saviours and the three other communities because that was what Carl would have wanted. We all know Negan to be a badass character but some of us loved him regardless and some part of us were happy he was still alive.

The death of Tara, Enid, and Henry. This came as a surprise, the whisperers killed them and hanged their hands-on sticks to serve as a warning to the others and it was just sad. What made it even more pathetic is the fact that it was sudden and unexpected.

These are not the only emotional moments in the show, let's not forget the reunions especially between Daryl and Carol, let's not forget all the deaths Shane, Lori, Bob, Sasha, Bethy or all the love they shared, all the newborn babies and how it thought us that there's always good hidden somewhere in the bad and all the survival tricks it thought us.

 Don't be left out, if you haven't watched The Walking Dead do so today. Watch all episodes on Netflix and Hulu. 

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