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The man who acted as jesus was struck by lightning on scene. See The man who acted as jesus was struck by lightning on scene . See what happened to him

Jim Caviezel accepted the situation of Jesus Christ since he thought of it as an honor to play a particularly critical figure ever. 

From the beatings to the floggings to the demonstration of being held tight a cross, entertainer Jim Caviezel, who played Christ in the film, may guarantee that he has languished incredibly over his vocation. 

Subsequent to giving us an epic exhibition in the Passion of the Christ, the entertainer who carried more life to the character, making his presentation outflank all other people who have had this impact, went through a ton of agony, and his vocation is as yet being reestablished. 

1 Hit By Lightning 

The most difficult and alarming injury for the entertainer and the group was watching Caviezel get hit twice by lightning. Once in the Sermon on the Mount scene and again in the execution scene 

"We were recording the Sermon on the Mount," Caviezel disclosed to Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal. "It was quiet for just a brief time before it occurred, and afterward it seemed like somebody slapped my ears. Individuals started shouting following seven or eight seconds of, similar to, a pink, fluffy tone. They said I had light around my body and fire on the left half of my head. Everything I can say is that I seemed to have gone to Don King's beautician." 

As interesting as he would have appeared at that point, the entertainer's resulting revelation that he required open-heart medical procedure because of the lightning strikes was not all that entertaining. 

2. Endured very genuine wounds 

Caviezel endured genuine actual wounds. Regardless of the way that the chief and group did everything they could to guard the entertainer, he was harmed. 

During a scene wherein Christ is whipped with a cowhide rope, the 51-year-old clarified how the majority of the strikes missed him, as they were intended to. 

Yet, "one of them slipped and it smacked me in the back, flush," he said. "It detached the skin my back, yet I was unable to shout in light of the fact that the torment had taken me out. My voice moved away from me quicker than I could shout since it was so frightening." 

3.Experienced Pneumonia 

While being nailed to the cross as Jesus Christ, James Caviezel needed to fight the infection winter winds. James Caviezel needed to fight the infection winter winds while being held tight to the cross as Jesus Christ was. With his chest uncovered and his head nearly trying not to be nailed to the cross, James Caviezel needed to fight the infection winter winds while being held tight to the cross as Jesus Christ was. Lung contamination and pneumonia tormented the entertainer. 

4. Shoulders Were Disjointed 

This gave us a decent comprehension of how Christ felt when he conveyed his cross. It's nothing unexpected that he was executed en route to Calvary. James Caviezel endured a comparative destiny while conveying his cross and wound up with a disconnected shoulder. An individual's point of view on walking is researched. 

5. Perseverance 

From 2 a.m. to 10 a.m., the star performer needed to remain conscious so that make-up specialists could restore his appearance. Aside from the stations of the cross, he needed to present with one eye shut to make it look swollen anyplace he wore the crown of thorns.

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