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Fella McKafui Puts Nasty Black On Her "Brother Zone" List In a Hilarious Skit

Thanks to Nasty Black, many Ghanaian Celebs are making their entrance and reappearance to the relevance they use to have.

Part of the list is Fella McKafui who was in one of the hilarious skits of Nasty Black. In this skit, Nasty Black was seen making advances towards Fella who dropped out of her sleek Range Rover.

At first, Fella seemed to be falling for the charm of Nasty Black as Fella complimented that he is good-looking and cute. However, things went downhill when Fella found out that the state which Nasty Black was from is the same state which her mother is from.

She, therefore, arrived at the conclusion that since they are from the same state they are automatically sisters, thus leading to her calling him a brother.

As if being brother zoned is not enough, she goes on to add that he is just a dear brother to him thus solidifying that there is no chance for the two of them.


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