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A lady admits sleeping with 105 men A lady admits sleeping with 105 men and aborting 26 babies

Toward the beginning of April, a 34-year-old Ghanaian woman uncovered a secret to Rev Nyansa Boakwa on Happy FM. The story left many confused. 

As per the woman, she has laid down with 105 men and consequently cut short 26 kids inside those occasions. Moreover, she has three kids who stay at her grandma's home in the town. Each of the three youngsters have various dads. 

"I need assistance. I don't have the foggiest idea what pushes me to lay down with each one of those men. I have taken a stab at saying a few times, yet I generally wind up returning to them. Furthermore, every time I get pregnant, they all oddball me and deny being mindful. I at that point must choose the option to cut short the pregnancy" She said. 

"The last and latest one I had was on the eighteenth December 2020. What's more, it was after this one that I at last chose to quit carrying on with that sort of life", she said. 

She has in this visited the previous Friday 'the entire evening' supplications at Kumasi and requested absolution of sins. She guarantees she began laying down with men on account of difficulty. She began having an early termination in 2003. 

She additionally uncovered that she sometimes had self-destructive musings however her three youngsters kept her helped her to remember the undertaking ahead and makes her stop. 

We supplicate God really pardon her and clear a path for her to carry on with a nice life. Her actual personality is, notwithstanding, covered up inspired by a paranoid fear of vilification. 

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