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Use Scent Leaf To Destroy Any Evil Spirit Your Life

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My lovely readers and followers, my name is Mr. Fred and I come your way with another powerful and spiritual direction which will help you to overcome every spirit I tormenting your life .

Spirit are unseen being that always torment people and destroyed people's lives. I hear a song and I was move with the lyrics of the song which says " the one fighting me , I can't see it but it can see me ,so what should I do if you didn't fight for me" . You see how the lyrics talks about how spirit can fight you everywhere you go but you cant see it.

Sometimes, you don't understand some certain things why your life is always stagnant. Your mate are building mansions , buying cars and getting married but why you? You sat the same classroom with them, learn the same subject and even go to the same church, pray to the same God but still your life is stagnant, which means there is something wrong somewhere.

My dear reader, you want to kill yourself? Don't worry my dear because this article, am going to show you how you are going to use the common and popular leaves which is called SCENT LEAVES to break away any spirit tormenting your life.

Scent leaves have a spiritual implications that drives away evil spirit because of it scent. That is why people always plant it in their houses , because of the scent, no evil spirit can pass by . Breaking evil spirit is not just prayer but sometimes you need to add their it's taboo to it or something they avoid . We shouldn't eat all the meal let go to our main motive here so that we can destroyed their plans against our life.


1. Scent Leaf

2. Sea Salt

3. Evil Casting Oil

4. Water from the well or a stream (not pipe water)

How To Do It

Step 1. Take a full bucket of clean water from the well or a stream

Step 2. Add your Scent Leaf to it in the water

Step 3. Count 21 sea salt and put it into the water

Step 4. Add your Evil Casting Oil to it and leave it under the sun for the whole day .

Take it around 11pm -12am and chant this words:

I.... (Mention your name seven times - it should be your soul name, I mean the day you were born.) I called upon the evil spirit tormenting my life to this place, I called the sun, the moon , the stars and Angels to fight these evil spirit. Power in herbs , power in salt , power in oil should fight these evil spirit now. Am no longer a slave to your kingdom, I cast myself from your kingdom, l over come you with the power of herbs . Angels of four corners should guide me and protect me everyday.

After the incantations, please use the water to rub your face for seven times and use the rest to rub your body by chanting your heart desires.

Please when you finish, don't use towel but go to your bed room and pray for about 10-20mins and sleep. That is all , you have broken any evil spirit tormenting your life, from that time your life will change from bad to good and you will experienced enjoyment in your life.


Please you must repeat it for three days and this is not magic but is a natural way to break away any evil spirit tormenting your life. Please don't used any other oil apart from evil Casting Oil, if you want some, please contact me on zero two four eight six nine six zero three nine I have combine three powerful herbs to do the oil and any evil spirit is afraid of that herbs. So if only you will do the directions just call and I will deliver it to you where ever you are . This rituals work within three to seven days . If you have a spiritual problem please contact me and I will help you out .

Thank you for reading this article, please kindly share , like , follow and comment.

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