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Is it Time We Take Music Serious or We Continue to joke?

Music has been a part of humankind from the era of the prophets to the apostles and down to today. Music has played a major role in the existence of man since time immemorial. We mourn with music, we rejoice and celebrate with music, we cheer with music, we praise with music and what not. We certainly cannot exist without the thing called music, can we?

In our present crisis of unemployment, if there's a sector to look at, I think it's music. The market for good music cannot be overlooked.

Many who have one way or the other found themselves in the music industry would confirm that a career in music is very fulfilling and profitable.

The best place to tap raw talent for the music industry is the second cycle schools. I saw and continue to see real musical talents in senior high schools as a student and teacher respectively. Only few of these talented young ones are able to push through the system to realize their dreams. Most young people abandon their first love (music) to persue other careers due to frustration and lack of structures within our school system to develop their musical talents.

In our senior high school system, there are programs like visual arts, general arts, business and others but conspicuously missing is music. Looking at what music has done for individuals and countries over the years, I think there should be a full-time program of study for music in our senior high schools.

People have been able to feed their families and paid the bills because of music. Music has put countries like Ghana on the world map. The great Osibisa band from Ghana sold Ghana to the world in grand style. Today their songs are played around the world to the benefit of Ghana. It appears the only time musial talents are showcased in our senior high schools is the periodic entertainment sessions.

At the basic school level today we only do serious music every two years when it's time for the usual cultural festival. The personel to even teach music in our schools is very limited and in most cases non existent. Most teachers lack the required knowledge in the theory and rudiments in music to effectively teach music.

Isn't it time we pay particular attention to music in our schools and stop pretending all is well? To me music is life and I cannot afford to avoid it. Music is therapy to me and I can't help it but to avail myself to the therapeutic effects of carefully constructed tunes.

I believe if music is taken serious enough in this country, unemployment rates will certainly go down. There is always a limit to the number of teachers, nurses and doctors the country can employ but can there ever be a quota on the number of musicians a country should have? Certainly not! Music is serious business we need to consider developing.

There can never be a no vacancy for a talented musician who is dedicated to the persuit of music.

Music certainly deserves a second look in our schools.

Content created and supplied by: Kumordjie (via Opera News )


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