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The Ghanaian YouTuber Who Grabs Legon Girls' Backside For Free

The Ghanaian YouTube community has started to grow and is bringing out new stars and personalities just like it did for developed countries. With the increased unemployment in the country, many young Ghanaians have ventured onto the platform in hopes of making it big.

One young man who is making it big on the platform and enjoying himself at the same time is a creator named Montana the Creator. The theme of his YouTube Content is visiting University Campuses and targeting the ladies for dares and challenges.

One strategy of his is to ask the ladies to choose between kissing him or getting grabbed by him. Many of the ladies were obviously against the idea of kissing a random stranger shooting a YouTube video so they opt for the grabbing.

That is where he enjoys his perversion to the fullest. He will then ask them to turn around so their Tundra faces the camera, then he proceeds to hug them whiles squeezing their Backside.

Another strategy of his is a coin toss strategy. He starts by getting a nice lady, then presenting the offers that if they win the coin toss they can slap him as hard as they want, however, if he wins he will grab their Backside. However, during the coin toss, he cheats slightly by turning the coin when it doesn't favor him, thus allowing him to enjoy the Backside of the beautiful Legon Girls for free without even getting slapped a single time.

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