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How to Win the Heart of a Typical Ghanaian Lady

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Have you ever thought of how to win the heart of a typical Ghanaian lady? I mean a typical Ghanaian lady. That is what we are going to focus on for today.

As usual, I find myself at one corner joint thinking about myself and this just came in mind and it simply brought a smile on my face and so I decided to write about it.

Please don’t take it too seriously but it appears you are most likely to agree with me on this at the end when it comes to how to win the heart of a typical Ghanaian lady.

Let the classes begin;

  1. Change your language

What do I mean by changing your language? This is what I mean. No matter how fluent you are in one particular Ghanaianlanguage, please try as much as possible to switch to a different language when you approach a typical Ghanaian lady.

Let me give this example for clarity. If for instance, you happen to find yourself in an area or community predominantly dominated by let say Nzema, and you’re very good at the language.

My brother, kindly switch it up to Fante or Twi when you approach. It will increase your chances of winning her over by 90 percent. Ghanaian ladies turn to love “foreigners.”

I do believe my example is clearer. And so there you have it. Try learning two or more Ghanaian languages and it will be to your advantage one day.

2. Speak English but…

Winning the heart of a typical Ghanaian lady and it appears English might come in handy but it has some disadvantages as well.

You might be branded as guy-guy or too-known or better still a womanizer. The English thing might come in handy when the lady is the one doing it after you’ve approached her.

You certainly must be eloquent and let her know you’re good at it as well when after you’ve approached her and she starts with the Queen’s language.

3. Be Well Dressed

Another way to win a typical Ghanaian lady’s heart is through your dressing. Please take your dressing into account when you intend to appraoch a typical Ghanaian lady and win her heart.

The way a man dresses say a lot to a typical Ghanaian lady. Because they do believe men’s clothes are really expensive in the country and so seeing a guy in a well-pressed Lacoste for instance says a lot about the guy.

4. Boss, have money

It appears one of the easiest ways to win the heart of a typical Ghanaian lady is by having money and when I mean money, it is money that you’re ready to spend.

I believe this isn’t something limited only to Ghanaian ladies. Almost half of the population of women love those coloured papers.

5. Be Intelligent

Another way of getting laid by a typical Ghanaian lady is by be been intelligent especially when it comes to academics. Which lady doesn’t like an intelligent guy whom with him she is assured her homework will be solved.

It appears those guys who are intelligent in school tend to attract lots and lots of beautiful girls.

I guess you have noticed that as well. And so been intelligent has a lot to say as well.

Your Turn

Your thoughts and views are very well welcomed. What do you think are the ways of winning the heart of a typical Ghanaian lady?

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