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We Saw The Mallam On TV Before Going To His Shrine At Volta; Social Media Turn Anger On Government.

19 years and18 years old boys alleged confess that ,they saw the Mallam on TV before going to his shrine at Volta. This has got social media reactions and turn anger on Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo the President of the Republic of Ghana to close down all media house's advertisement for money rituals and doubling money help curbs people from killing and social vices from the country ( Ghana).

I wonder why we still recites the Ghana pledge in our schools. All our TV stations has now turned into shrines and illuminati camps,and not even a single person is fighting for these situations.

Today be Sika Gari, tommorow be "Sende ma me nsende ma wo" and yet, the government is not doing nothing about it. Am also highly disappointed on so called NCA, they are there just doing nothing for this country. May God forgive you all. The mother Ghana we know has now changed into Bloody Ghana.

Why allow people sit on TV to advertise on money rituals? That's the root of all this, our grand mothers /mothers slept in bamboo houses but they enjoyed life the youth of today are inhumane, jealous and wicked, they need every flashy things just like our leaders and this is that negative results but the most painful side is the INNOCENT SUFFERS IN THIS.

What at all is going on with our young folks and money, this really serious. Quick and easy way to make money isn't the best. All thes spiritual advertisements must be ban. This getting out of hand. RIP young man.

Ghana itself has lost everything as a country.Now Ritualist on TV and Radio everyday doing Advert and the Sad of all is that, the way we handle Dead Bodies or injured people is not the best always in Pick Ups Cars.. So don't Ghana have Ambulance to carry these lost souls.

Can't we learn from others. White People should come back again.

This is very sad. I feel for the poor mom of the dead child. A critical look at the video shows there's more it. We shouldn't be in a hurry to prosecute these teenagers. A comprehensive investigation has to be conducted.where is the murder weapon for a dna study?

Where exactly is the crime scene?if the crime scene is the same place as the video shows,then a lot of material evidence which could lead to other suspects may have been tampered with because of the crowd. I hope the emotions doesn't becloud sound a good judgement in this case.

For all we know,an innocent can be convicted whilst the real murder could be out there Scott free.

Please share your thoughts on this sad incident.

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