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These are the best five things a gentleman or lady must have.

1. A Gentleman must be Modest.

A gentleman does not care for the attention of the world and will give praise wherever it is due.

He does not rest on his laurels, for he knows that there is always more to learn.

If it were only up to him, all the good deeds the gentleman does would go unnoticed, because he knows that actions speak louder than words… always.

He is humble in nature, modest in whatever he does, and confident enough to display this modesty wherever he goes.

2. A Gentleman must have Integrity.

A gentleman is just as honest, direct and kind when he is around people as when he is alone.

What he does behind the scenes is not any less important or less valuable than what he does when he shines in the limelight, and it is definitely not any different.

What you see is what you get; gentleman does not need to pretend to be someone else.

He is confident enough in who he is that he shines wherever he goes, even if he is not always mature.

3. A Gentleman must be Brave.

A gentleman will fight for what he believes in and will stand up against all odds if he has to.

He doesn’t need to be called for help in a fight, as he is one of the first people that steps up to try to resolve the conflict.

He is brave enough to jump into the depths of fear for others, for his love, and for every single one of his dreams.

Nothing can hold a gentleman back from doing what is just and right in his book.

He does not pretend or take part in anything less than he believes in and will stand up for everything without a single moment of hesitation.

4. A Gentleman must have Joy.

A gentleman will not be brave unless he has to be, and in every moment he doesn’t need to be brave he will have fun.

He knows how to play, how to act like a child, and how to have undisputed fun, but he is also able to switch to be brave or serious instantly should the situation arise.

Although he doesn’t do this unless he has to, for a gentleman knows the power of laughter and joy and desires to spread positive energy wherever he walks.

Not to make himself feel better, but because a gentleman is a kind soul and cares for the people around himself, even if that means he has to sacrifice part of his time.

5. A Gentleman Cares.

No matter where you go, what you do, or what mistakes you have made, a gentleman will always be there to care for you.

Even if you go against his beliefs, or hurt the people he holds dear, he will still give you the respect and kindness you are due, albeit it might not be much.

A gentleman will always drop what he is doing, will sacrifice his time and effort and will do what is necessary every time someone requires his service.

To a gentleman there is no higher calling than service to others, than bringing joy, kindness and prosperity to the world.

A gentleman will always act with these things in mind and walk through fire before he ever lets any of these fall.

No matter where you are, if you are hurt, the gentleman will always care.

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