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Oracle Of The Guardian Angels For October 2020

The Oracle of the Guardian Angels for October 2020 collects the messages of our heavenly protectors.They only want the best for us and that is why they speak to us through their oracle with messages full of love and peace.


WEEK OF OCTOBER 1 TO 4;Hug, with your arms and your soul. Although it has been a year in which physical contact was completely limited, the oracle of the Guardian Angels asks you to surround the people who are by your side with your good energy these days.

Hugs should not always be physical, supporting the people you love and who need your help is the best way for them to feel accompanied.So during this week, try to emotionally accompany people who need support.

And likewise, if you are the one who is going through difficult times, do not hesitate to ask for help, remember that the road is best traveled with company.

WEEK OF OCTOBER 5 TO 11;Even if you can’t see the stars, they are still there. The oracle of the Guardian Angels knows that you have been through some very difficult days.

Tiredness, uncertainty, fear knocked on your door. But the Angels ask you to remember that all these difficult moments will also be left behind.Do not lose hope and, even if it is difficult, try to have positive thoughts and keep your energy vibration high.

WEEK OF OCTOBER 12 TO 18;What color do you want to paint life today? Life is not just white or black, it is more, not even gray.This is well known by our Guardian Angels, who through their oracle ask us to see life as it really is: colored.

But we are the ones who decide the attitude with which we are going to face each day.Pessimism, anger, resentment, fear, paint our day black and create a negative atmosphere that, every moment, will grow more.

On the contrary, if you decide to act with hope and faith, even though your day may be complicated, the good energy will increase and you will see how you can handle all the situations that arise.

WEEK OF OCTOBER 19 TO 25;You have an obligation to be happy. The oracle of the Guardian Angels does not say that you have the right to be happy, but the obligation.

And it is that our celestial guardians want to tell us that our happiness does not depend on others and that the only ones responsible for it are us.Stop waiting for others to make you happy, start working on yourself and for you.

The oracle of the Guardian Angels wants you to understand that you must drive away the wrong thinking that it is necessary to suffer. Happiness is within each one of us and it is our duty to make it, not an ephemeral moment, but a lifestyle.

Happiness is not the absence of pain, it is balance and the knowledge that everything will pass, and it is you who decides how much you will suffer.

WEEK OF OCTOBER 26 TO 31;Do you think you deserve what you’re going through? Human beings live with wrong beliefs about our reality.We have gotten used to thinking that everything that happens to us, especially the not so good, we deserve it.The oracle of the Guardian Angels asks us to reflect on this situation and change our way of thinking.

And if at some point, you’ve done something that makes you think you deserve to suffer for it, try to make amends, learn from the situation, and move on. But stop carrying the suffering and punishing yourself for them.May your Angels guide you throughout October and remember to ask for advice, they always listen to you and answer you!

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