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Hear The Story of Kwamena, Such an inspiring one - Part two


       PART TWO 

My friends had to change stations because their masters had evil plans for them.  

For all those years, I had no means of communicating with my mother and Chief and so I decided to go back to the village and update them on what I was going through. The show I met on the way was Maame Ekuwa arguing that I was not a good seed to sow, I cleared my throat and they noticed my presence. My mother rushed and hugged me. Jealously, Maame Ekuwa walked away. My mother was in a rush to send me to the Chief but I asked her to wait. She insisted and so we went. I explained how life was and many more. I added how we mourned my dear friend, Kweku Chris, may his soul rest in perfect peace.. My eyes were teary and so Opanyin Kafra comforted me and told me a lot about life. I asked myself, what wrong have I done to life? What did Kweku Chris do? The conclusion was to move on and fight harder. 

The chief understood the outcome of the situation yet, he called a village meeting and presented to them the 50 cedis note I could bring home. The villagers cheered up and I walked my mother home. In some few days, I returned back to the city. 

Life became kind of good after my visit. We were over Kweku Chris but still he stayed in our hearts, life moved on. We found in Kweku Chris' diary, his will. We were surprised. In it was the phone number of the Client he knew and his wish for us the share the money he earned equally amongst ourselves. In his writing it looked like he knew he was going to die, maybe he was being bullied, my poor friend. We obeyed his words and gave him our last respect. Some weeks later, we called this Client and when he heard of the sad news, he scheduled a meeting. My friends took me to the place and I had an interview straight up. I thought it would be difficult. The client was good to me and promised me a lot. My boys and I got excited.  

That evening, we bought ourselves one bottle of champagne, that was my first time drinking such. Personally, I was overexcited. We drank from plastic cups and chewed some Kalewale over it. What a night! I was awake all night, kept on wondering how I would be posing and others. The dream was a reality because of my friends and Kyikyis)s)'s power to resurrect hope. The night was short. The day began on a busy note, everyone was preparing to go to work including the excited Kwamena. I was the most busiest, I ironed my first shirt I bought neatly and joined a bus to my "WORKPLACE" . As I sat in the bus, all I thought was, "Oh God! I am living my dream." When I got there, no one even looked at me, they were all busy doing their own thing. I walked straight with my chest out, to the manager's office. But his door was locked, I got confused all of a sudden, my sweats spoke volumes, I did not greet anyone, who can I even ask of the whereabouts of my boss. I don't even know his name. From behind, someone called my name, I turned gloriously, hoping to see my first fan, unfortunately, the gentleman handed over to me a broom and he sent me to an office to sweep. 

I was surprised though, is that how we start modeling? In the first place, I was supposed to come and meet my boss to make everything documented and signed, why sweeping? "Maybe they wanted to see if I can do other things", I thought. As I kept sweeping, I saw a group of people who had encircled one lady, she was being led to the manager's office. Out of curiosity, I followed them and listened to them yet, I couldn't understand, they spoke very fast. Before she entered the office, she turned and her eyes landed on me, she questioned, "who is he?", one replied, " a cleaner" then to me, "get lost" he said. He looked strange, wait am I really a cleaner? I had to investigate for myself. I gathered confidence in the middle of the day, I walked to the office, I knocked, there was no response, with all the strength I had, I opened a locked door. I looked miserable.  

When I got home, I told my brothers that I quit. I slowly narrated the story to them and they looked at me with a serious look and told me that if they had quitted, would I have gotten a place to rest? There was silence for a while and they helped me call the boss whom I was supposed to meet, we called all night and it never went through. I was so sad but all my brothers told me was, Kyikyis)s), all is well. I went to work that morning only to receive a badge from the receptionist. The instruction was that, the new boss asked me to wear it, it had the inscription, cleaner. Wait, the new manager? What happened to the old one?, "he got a transfer", the receptionist answered me upon hearing me think aloud. Obviously, I am a cleaner now.  

I worked there for two years and my first salary was delayed because they did not find my name on the list of workers. I got very furious, at the end, I was settled. I always stayed behind looking at the models doing their own thing. One day, I said one day, God being so good, performed a miracle. kyikyis)s) really had impact in my life. 


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