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Secondary Education


Checkout the adorable (PHOTOS) of the Handsome Boy.

Desmond, a well-born Kwadaso lad, finished school in Kumasi Hig, and everyone wants to be around him because of his exceptional beauty. He was calm and friendly, and while he was in secondary school, he offered General Arts as a study because he wanted to be a teacher, and he worked hard to pass his exams. He won first place in a competition called the Platinum Legendary Award when he was in secondary school, and everyone wanted to be close to him because he was so attractive. He also had one football-playing friend.


Because he grew up in Kwadaso, he has always adored Santasi. 


He is now attempting to get into the film industry as an actor.

If you want to see him or find out where he is, leave your contact information in the comment section and you will hear from him, but no one knows where his beauty comes from, so stay tuned for more updates on him as well as the newest news, comments, follow, and share.

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General Arts Kumasi Hig Kwadaso Platinum Legendary Award Santasi.


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