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No Makeup Challenge: Hajia Bintu Vs Maame Serwaa Who is More Beautiful Without Makeup (Photos)

Two most sought after young female celebrities are Maame Serwaa and Hajia Bintu. The former rose to fame through her hard work and talent whiles the later rose to fame due to her backside.

Fans are now comparing both of them to see who is beautiful. They used their no make up photo so they can unbiasedly conclude on who is beautiful. Without makeup we would be able to see their true faces.

Currently, Maame Serwaa is rarely seen in less or no makeup. A photo of her without makeup once popped up and some naysayers said she has grown ugly without makeup.

Hajia Bintu has also been under fire for always using photoshop to smoothen her natural face. Her true unedited face without makeup also caused a lot of stir on social media.

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Hajia Bintu Maame Serwaa


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