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Man Cancels Date Meeting and Pays Driver to Return the Lady Because of This…

Have you ever arranged a date meeting with someone and regretted meeting the person after all? Well, that’s the case of this man by name; Joe Bee.

Because some ladies hold the perception that men should officially take care of them, they exhibit the desire to be taken care of to the highest degree. This case of Joe Bee was quite interesting.

So, the duo arranged a meeting and the man was there 10mins early. Just when the lady arrived, she called Joe Bee to come and pay the driver. Obviously, this move would be a turn-off stunt for most men. It goes to reduce reverence that the man is supposed to show to you.

However, Joe Bee asked the driver about the cost of the trip. It was ghc20. Joe Bee gave the driver ghc50 to return the lady to wherever he picked her from and keep the ghc10 change. He also advised the lady to schedule another meeting when she has satisfactorily filled her financial barns.

Joe Bee couldn’t understand why a lady will show up for a date with no money, not even for transport. That was bad. Does it mean she is lazy? Or just a spendthrift?

Today’s man wants an industrious woman. Someone who doesn’t mind working to take care of herself. Not depending on the man solely. An independent woman who can live without the purse of the man.

This lady didn’t meet that spec and apparently had her worst day. This man could have been her best husband but because of one negative act, her date is missed.

Was the guy wrong for doing that?

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