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Inspiring Love Story Of A Disabled Young Man Will Leave You In Awe (Video)

The youtube video shows the story of a young man who had been crawling all his life. Afrimax on one of their tours discovered this good looking man who narrated how his first wife made away with all his money. The young man did not give up on love but pursued until he met his present wife whom they together have a son of their own.

According to the man, they have been married for years now but there has been no single day they quarrelled. Despite all the influences and forces from outside, the lady decided to settle down with him stating she loved the man and not his money, she knew of his physical condition but loved him for it.

Because the man does not walk, the woman carries him together with their son everywhere they go and according to her, she does not feel shy doing this.

For the woman, neighbours may say all they could but she has come to stay and to love the man till the very end. This is true love, for love knows no condition.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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