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Barima Bediide is looking handsome in these photos

The decline in activity of the Ghana movie industry has pushed many actors to the background. They are no more in the limelight like they used to be, kind courtesy the inactivity of the Kumawood.

Hearing from some of them is not like it used to be sometime ago and this actually led me to writing this article.

This article is going to be focused on one good Kumawood actor whose name can never be erased from the list of influential actors in the past few years. He is no other person but the super talented Barima Bediide.

Acting has always been his passion and luckily, he is one of the few people who actually got the chance to fulfill their passion. The Ghana Movie Industry is always going to be thankful for the emergence of this talented man over here.

He usually acts as an old man in movies and it is pure joy seeing him combine with Lilwin as old men on set. The way he talks and walks is just funny and he has got words of wisdom on his lips too.

Maybe you have been asking yourself what comedy really is and who is a comedian. Trust me, get to watch a movie of this man and you will realize the answer to your question will come to you by itself.

Quite recently, we do not hear from this actor and hence I took it upon myself to go in search of him and bring him out here to you all. For your information, he is very good and kicking.

I took some current pictures of him which I think you all should see.

Take a look at them below;

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