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Best Movies Released In May, 2021 - (Photos & Download Link)

Hello guys, sorry I've kept y'all waiting for the list of movies from last month (May) that are worth our viewing time. You know I always put out a list of the best movies right? Uh huh, I'm about to do same for the month of May too. I've been a little busy so I couldn't publish an article about it earlier. Okay moving on, I'd like to give you a spoiler alert. Thus, almost all the movies released last month were epic! Oh yeah, I said epic. I know you guys will just love it. And hey, the movie we've all been waiting for (Fast9) was released last month but it's rather sad that it's a CAMRiP version. Not to worry, the HD version will be released this month (28th).

Fast and Furious 9 isn't the only nice movie that was released last month, other nice movies like wrath of man, cruella, just to mention a few, were released too. Without wasting much time, let me quickly list the movies for y'all so you guys can satisfy your already itchy eyes.

1. Wrath Of Man

Download Wrath of Man:

2. Cruella

Download Cruella:

3. Fast And Furious 9

Download Fast and Furious 9:

4. Army Of The Dead

Download Army Of The Dead:

5. The Djinn

Download The Djinn:

6. Without Remorse

Download Without Remorse:

7. Initiation

Download Initiation:

8. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Download The Conjuring:

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9. The Paper Tigers

Download The Paper Tigers:

10. Friends: The Reunion

Download Friends The Reunion:

11. Confinement 2149: The Aftermath

Download Confinement:

11. Blue Miracle

Download Blue Miracle:


1. Lucifer Season 5 Part II

Download Lucifer Season 5 Part II:

Okay, there you go. Wait, I'm not supposed to tell y'all this yet but I just can't keep it to myself. Marvel's Loki Episode One of Season One's been released today. Alright stop asking, I'll put it here too.

Download Loki:

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