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Uncle Ebo White: Even though I am not a Handsome man I find a lot of Ladies Falling in love with me

Uncle Ebo White: Even though I am not a Handsome man I find a lot of Ladies Falling in love with me Because of my Gift

Uncle Ebo White is a celebrated Ghanaian Playwright, a Motivational Speaker and an Author. 

Recently on TV3 NewDay, Uncle Ebo Whyte shared his journey to heartbreak with the Presenters of the morning show Cookie Tee and Bella Mundi. 

He narrated the bizarre circumstances that led to his first heartbreak. 

According to him, trusting his boys (mentees) who were close to him at the time was his downfall.

His story speaks of conspiracies and the consequences of rash decisions based on hearsay.

That notwithstanding, Uncle Ebo White in the course of sharing his story on heartbreaks as part of discussion for his current play "the Devil's wife" made a profound statement which I found to be quite derogatory on his part. 

He alluded that despite suffering that heartbreak, he has also broken quite a number of ladies hearts. 

"I think that just knowing that you allowed boys you were leading to do this to you was painful. 

But the other side of it is that because of the gifts I have, even though I Am Not a Handsome man, I find girls falling in love with me. So I think I have broken more heart.”

For Uncle Ebo White, a man whom a lot of young people look up to, to say such a demeaning and derogatory remarks about himself on national television, I find it is quite unfortunate.

I believe from my perspective and point of view, his allusion to the idea that he is not a Handsome man can cause harm to that young follower who may be battling Low Self - Esteemed. 

There are a lot of young individuals who look out for inspiration and motivation on such sensitive issues as ones looks or personality. 

A lot of young people are afraid to come out and show the world their talents because they feel they will be rejected because they are not beautiful or handsome enough. 

Some people even have suicidal thought because they have been told at one point in time that they were ugly. 

I believe it is time to change the narrative, because in my analysis overtime, I have come to the conclusion that beauty is dynamic. 

It is unfair to continue judging beauty based on a person's physical appearance, because a lot of people have fallen in love or appreciated a person because of their beautiful voice, beautiful drawing, great cooking skills, skillful sporting abilities, beautiful dance or acrobatics etc. 

Let embrace all of us as beautiful because God has given each and every one of us a different kind of beauty. 

Uncle Ebo White's handsomeness comes from his talent or gift as he calls it and that is what makes him more attractive to ladies as he alluded. 

He should never again say that he is not handsome because he is very handsome and very attractive. 


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