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Everyone Should Watch This New Jason Statham Movie

If you really are a fan of movies then Jason Statham should be someone you're very familiar with. Talk of his most popular movies_ The Transporter and The Expendables and whomever you are talking to would know it is the very quiet but deadly bald guy you referring to. For some time now we haven't actually seen him in the scenes, and just when we all thought he's probably out of the spotlight, he's come back the main character of one of this year's best movie releases. "WRATH OF MAN" is a must watch movie, very much action packed with an extraordinary storyline. This thriller happens to have an IMDb rating of 7.2 which surely gives you a hint of its quality. No dillydallying just go get Wrath Of Man and watch why it is often said that " Nothing Drives A Man Like Vengeance Does". Don't forget to pass this on to other film fanatics out there like yourself.

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