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Slay queens saga: Untold stories you need to know

Slay is an Old English word with Germanic origins that was originally used to describe the killing of legendary beasts and beating enemies on the battlefield.

It began as a simple word which was sometimes revived to become a celebration of something more positive, but it now only has negative connotations.

Materialism is a concept that has existed for a long time, as most people in the 1980s would attest to. The influence of materialism has been re-enforced between continents and perceived as a social norm since the advent of the internet and social media.

Many who flaunt their wealth have been praised by society; they are more popular, spoken about, followed, and admired through their social networks. They are the twenty-first century's trend setters and followers.

A true and real slay queen is a smart person, not one who wears a lot of make-up. She isn't the one who use social media to gain popularity. She is the one who properly and adequately uses tenses. Not the one that has to abbreviate every word because she can't spell. She is a talented young lady.

She is the kind of woman who values her marriage or relationship. She is not always seen and often never heard off. You recognize her by her actions rather than her words.

She isn't the most expensively dressed woman in the room, but she is the most decently dressed. Slay queens honor womanhood's sanity. She has a good sense of self-respect.

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Germanic Old English Slay


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