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Interesting: Black Sherif Finally Speaks On The Reason Behind Crossed Machetes In His Music Video

Musician Black Sherif finally clears the air on the "violence allegation" behind the crossed cutlasses used in his latest music video

Black Sherif is a young uprising musician whose musics have won the hearts of many who take time to listen to his songs.

In his just recently released music video titled "SECOND SERMON", most people are accusing him of being in support of violence on the streets.

In the music video, it was seen that the young guys who were with him in the video had two cutlasses in hand one crossed over the other.

Wise people have disclosed that cutlasses crossed over one another symbolizes violence and because of this, most people have since then suspected him of being in support of violence.

As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words, one would also have this perception at an instant look at the video content.

Finally, Black Sherif himself has come out to clear the air on this issue. According to him, the idea of crossed machetes standing for violence was right on track.

But his main idea behind such a thing was to draw the attention of the leaders to the unending violence that keeps occuring on the streets.

Violence as we all know is a very strong act that breaks down relationships. If this occurrences should be overlooked and it continues to take place, the population is likely going to be highly affected as violence most often lands in people loosing their loved ones.

His reason for the video is indeed a very great one as the content alone will draw people's minds to what may happen to a group that entertains violence in their midst.

Let us learn from this video even as we watch so that, our families and country at large may not suffer the consequences of our irresponsible acts.

Unity as is known helps build a nation but Violence brings division which ends up destroying the good future of any country. Let us always let peace reign.

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