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Adwoa Sarfo asks the media To take tough stands against spiritual and occultic activities on TV

Over the past few days,the nation has to deal with a very sad and surprising news.

The gruesome murder of a ten year old boy by his friends who are only 17 and 16 years of age has left many Ghananians asking questions.

What responsibilities do they have to be in such a hurry to find a short cut way of acquiring unexplained wealth?.

But these generation can't be entirely blamed since what they see virtually in all facets of life is affluence and flamboyant life styles on social media by celebrities and people who have toiled over the years and have made some significant achievements in life.

Unfortunately,some people have noticed the display of wealth on social media and the youth eagerness to acquire these wealths.

As such our television screens are now flooded with mallams,money doublers illuminates etc calling on people to come for monies they have not worked for.

Sadly all the regulatory authorities of these media houses sit unconcern while thousands of people are dupped everyday on live television.

As a result of the recent happenings in our television screens,many have attributed the gruesome murder of the ten year old boy to it.

Many are therefore calling on the necessary authorities to ban the activities of all these people on our national television screens.

The latest to react to the sad news is the minister of Gender and social protection madam Sarah Adwoah Sarfo who has called on the media to take a tough stand against the activities of these scammers on live television.

"It is disturbing that this grotesque act was committed by teenagers who are barely 16 and 17 years respectively who ideally should have exemplified honorable aspirations for their lives instead of this undignified way to enrich themselves.

This is unfortunately indicative of the reality and times we live in, where a section of our youth would go to every extent to live ostentatious lives without putting in any commensurate hard work and effort.

This disturbing act should be a wake-up call to all Ghanaians, that as a country, we will teach our children that there is dignity in hard work and with it comes the benefits thereof.

We seem to have pushed aside the values and attributes of hard work, honesty and service to each other which are the building blocks of every fair and just society.

I also plead with the media to take a tough stand against spiritualists and occultists who openly advertise on their platforms and entice these young ones to engage in these acts.

It is time to take the moral right and uphold the values of our nation and safeguard the future of our kids and our dear nation in that regard"

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Adwoa Sarfo


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