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Kumawood actors who will forever remain in the minds of Ghanaians

Entertainment in Ghana has been from many sources but there is this source that has made a very positive and huge impact in the entertainment industry of Ghana. This industry I am talking about is a subset of Ghana's movie industry and they are known for producing great content which carves smiles on the faces of their viewers. This subset of the Ghana movie industry I'm talking about is Kumawood.

The Ghana movie industry started way back and trust me, they have really done their best to see people happy.

This article is about some of the prominent actors who gave us scenes which still stays rent-free in the minds of Ghanaians. Unfortunately, some of them cannot be counted as part of the living. They crossed to the other side of life but then, their legacy still lives on.

I made a compilation of some of these prominent actors. Please relax and grab a popcorn as I take you through this lovely ride

1. Bob Santo

Obviously, Santo has to make this list. I placed him as the first amongst all of them because the memories of him still runs in the minds of Ghanaians. He died so many years ago but still his actions still lives rent-free in our minds. He was the perfect definition of "comedy". His voice could even "melt" me.

2. Agya Koo

Kofi Adu, popularly known as Agya Koo took the Ghana movie industry to a whole new level. At a point, Ghanaians were patronizing Nigerian movies and were giving a little attention to Ghanaian movies especially, the Kumawood movies. Agya Koo single-handedly reversed that by giving us extremely funny scenes. At a certain point, he was almost present in every Kumawood movie you would see.

This guy is a legend and his legacy will live on forever.

3. Abusuapanin Judas

One thing I remember about this man is the words he used. Though irritating sometimes, viewers loved how he uttered those words. This man started way back in the Key Soap Concert Party and it was fun watching him.

4. Lilwin

This guy is arguably the best comedian Ghana has seen in the past 7 to 8 years. He started acting long ago but rising to the limelight seemed difficult. Luckily for him, a certain movie in which he was a DJ at a witch camp went viral and that was the start of his blessings.

Talk of versatility, this guy has it all. What I like most about him is how he walks when asked to act like an old man

5. Akrobeto

Akwasi Boadi is really loved by many Ghanaians. He's very serious when acting and trust me, everything he does is funny. I just love this man, he's humble, focused and disciplined. Aside his role in the movie industry, this man is taking Ghana far with journalism.

6. Nana Ama McBrown

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome to you the empress of Kumawood. She is popularly known as Nana Ama Mcbrown. This lady is a genius.

Coupled with her beauty comes the talent to make people laugh. I wonder the number of people she has helped reduce their stress by giving them nice movie scenes.

7. Kwaku Manu

This guy over here cannot be written off in the Ghana movie industry. He made a positive impact by giving us funny scenes. His talent is just superb.

At a certain point in his career, he had a tight partnership with "Lilwin" and Ghanaians couldn't resist that duo. They were amazing.

8. Kyeiwaa

What took this woman to the limelight is the Kumawood movie titled "Kyeiwaa". She played the leading role and guess what? It was a fire cracker!!! I remember that movie had over 12 different parts.

9. Salinko

This guy has been underrated by many Ghanaians but upon analysing his acts, he is one of the best actors Kumawood has ever had. He doesn't laugh when acting unlike some other actors whose facial expressions clearly shows they have been overwhelmed by laughter inside.

10. Mercy Asiedu

She is popularly known as "Asabea". This woman can be aggressive when acting. I hated her during the days they acted the "Asore ba" movie due to the maltreatment she gave to Nana Ama McBrown but as time went on, I just realized it wasn't her fault. The directors gave her that role

11. Bernard Nyarko

The late Bernard Nyarko was known in the show business as Bishop Bernard Nyarko. Unfortunately Ghanaians lost him in the year 2020. Even though he's not part of the living, his memories still stays fresh in the minds of Ghanaians.

He was said to be a pastor but never did it bother him when asked to act as an armed robber. This is how authentic he was.

12. Apostle John Prah

Apostle John Prah, a known man of God as well as actor has really tried his best in the Ghana movie industry. Trust me, this man has fought witches. The only problem I had with him was that, he was almost a pastor in all the movies he acted.

13. Yaw Dabo

Did you ever think I would forget the name of this young man? Never am I going to make such a list without adding his name. Yaw Dabo is a diminutive actor who makes acting look easier. The talent embedded in him is too much that he's good to go anytime a role is given to him

14. Emelia Brobbey

I am sure one thing Ghanaians will will use in remembering her is how she cries. I have tried understanding this talent of hers. Crying is never difficult for her. Ask her to cry and in the next moment you will see tears rolling down her cheeks.

15. Bill Asamoah

Popularly known as the "ladies man" is Bill Asamoah. This guy sometimes gets on my nerves when acting. I wonder why they always make him take up roles which makes viewers hate him.

Trust me, he delivers to perfection when roles are given to him.

16. Vivian Jill Lawrence

This beautiful lady over here is also known for how she delivers when given sad roles. She sometimes makes me cry.

These are the people who transfer emotions from the screen straight into the eyes of the viewers

17. Kwadwo Poku Mahala

The facial expressions he gives is even enough to make the viewer laugh over and over again.

18. "Kolege"

This man is hilarious. He likes taking up the role of a fetish priest. I have tried understanding why he likes that and after a long thought, I realized that is what he does best. His facial expressions is even enough to get my ribs cracking

These are the Kumawood stars I think have made a solid impact in the Ghanaian movie industry. I may have exempted your favorite star. Don't be mad at me, you can send their names in the comment section.

Have a nice day

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