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The Men on Date Rush Are Not My Caliber of Men - Isha Tells Zion Felix

As the saying goes, everybody deserves love. Many ladies thus in search of love have made their way to the date rush program in hopes of finding a male partner to either date for fun or settle down with. One of the ladies who normally appears on the show is Isha, a lady who portrays herself as a very outgoing and wild-at-heart person.

Zion Felix was able to get an exclusive interview with Isha. This interview served to discuss her personal life and also reveal her personal thoughts about the dating program. However, things took a weird turn when Zion asked what she thinks about the show and why she hasn't gotten a date yet.

She answered by explaining the systematics of how the dating program works and then goes on further to reveal that she hasn't gotten a date yet because all the men who keep coming are not her Caliber of Men. She adds that they (the men) are too "small" for her implying that she searches for men who are more mature in terms of social class and financially.

She goes on to explain that the men who appear on the date rush program often have one problem or the other. She gives an example stating that one guy may be very handsome but may not be financially fit to cater for himself and a partner, another guy may be financially stable but be immature or having an unpleasant smell. She ultimately adds that she is looking for a civilized man, however, Ghanaians clap back at her in the comments stating that is she herself civilized to demand a civilized suitor.

One user adds that which parent will raise a son to become rich and then watch as they bring a lady like her to the house.

Zion then asks that if they are not her caliber of men why does she still grace the occasion. She then concluded by stating that she is hoping that a suitable suitor would appear on the show eventually but also adds that she has the backup plan of choosing the proposal of the various men in her DM (of any of her social media handles).

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