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I was afraid of Sunsum when I started acting movies but now, I'm not - Vivian Jill reveals.

Vivian Jill is a very beautiful Kumawood actress who was born on 11th September, 1983. That is, she is 37 years now. Mentioning the best female actors in the country, one cannot leave him behind because she really contributes a lot to the Ghana movie industry.

This actress is very talented to the extent that, she makes every role she plays very real for those who watch her movies. She usually play sad roles and sometimes, being a spirit or a robber.

Recently, she was interviewed where she talked about his journey in the movie industry. When she started, she was a little scared of some things but as she continued to act, she became used to it.

She continued that, though she is now used to some roles but she has stop playing them. She continued that, she played a role in a movie where she was a mermaid. After that movie, she entered a certain house where a child who had watched that movie started shouting and all of a sudden, she could see that the child's spirit was coming down and that made her feel very bad.

Now, she said something about Sunsum. According to her, the first time she saw Sunsum, she was to kiss him in a movie and she refused because she was afraid of him. But now that she is used to it, she can kiss him even right now.

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