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'If You Don't Love Me, Hug Me And Give Me Your Number' - Lady On Odo Fever Begs After Being Rejected

On Onua Odo Fever, it wasn't easy for Sandra as she stands and watched a guy she loves chose another lady over her. Having being on many episode of this season 2, she is yet to get a Date. 

Last night, December 4 was a lovely one. Five; Akos, Ivy, Benedicta, Sandra and Rebecca. Beautiful ladies waiting to win the heart of one handsome guy. 

The guy, Midnight. Yes Midnight is his name. He finally mounted the stage in search of a beautiful lady whom he could go out on a Date with.

When all was set, the ladies introduced themselves one after the other. They also added the spec of men they wanted. 

The guy (Midnight) on other hand asked the ladies one relationship question. 

"I have a long time closed friend (Bestie), How will u take it with her if you and I are Dating? He asked.

"In a serious relationship I don't deals with the so called Bestie" Sandra replies. 

"I don't mean you can't have female friends" - she clarified. 

Although, the other ladies also gave their answer on the question with similar tone. 

The guy has however rejects Sandra. It's not certain it was because of her replied. Perhaps other things she might said, too. 

All this while, the ladies and the guy were interacting on the blind side. That is to say... They were inch separated by an opaque object. Meaning they can only hear each other but can't see the person talking. I'm making sense here? 

At this point, Kwaku Manu (Host ) asked Sandra to come and meet the guy face to face before she can finally bounce off stage now that she is rejected. 

Sandra crossed to where the guy was, upon seeing the guy, she nearly collapse if not the help of Kwaku. When she was back to consciousness. She said "I'm in love with him. He has the physique I wanted in a man. I can't let him go".

Sandra doesn't want to give up easily. She asked to take the guy's number but Kwaku Manu declined. She seems disappointed. So she opted for a warm hug. She was given the chance to. She hugged the guy and never want to disengage. Kwaku Manu tapped her shoulder and said "it's ok!!" Haha.

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