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The Children Are Not His; My Dwarfs Took DNA Samples From Him- Nana Agradaa Goes Harder On Peprah

It's getting much more interesting on the heated argument between priestess Nana Agradaa and Kingsley Peprah, over the latter's claim about the impotence of the former. Nana Agradaa had alleged that the children that Kingsley Peprah claims to be his cannot be confirmed by a DNA test, adding that the young man is impotent.

On her show last night on Thunder TV, Nana Agradaa revisited the issue but with some strong argument that she has the DNA sample of Mr. Peprah in her possession and that the sequence never matched that of his supposed children. She revealed that her dwarfs and gods teleported abroad to collect samples of the accused, for a DNA test to be conducted to prove her claim that the children he claims to be his are rather someone's.

She emphasized that the wife of Kingsley Peprah was compelled to have an extra-marital affair to enable her to bear children, "knowing the husband is impotent."

"I sent my dwarfs and gods to collect Kingsley Peprah's DNA sample. I am going to expose him," she threatened.

The two have held to some differences which had led to several allegations leveled against each other. Should Nana Agradaa ever proceed to publish the report of the so-called DNA test of Kingsley Peprah, the latter could sue her for it.

Knowing the consequences of this and despite the threats, Nana Agradaa chose to show the supposed report on TV to prove her claim. She continued to rant and raise further allegations against Mr. Peprah.

She had sworn to go extreme with the matter until Kingsley Peprah is exposed.

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