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"Moesha Told Me Everything. Stop Deceiving The People Of Ghana" - Princess Shyngle Reveals To All

"Was Moesha hypnotized to give out her things to the church or not?"- Confused Princess Shyngle asks

It is quite a sad thing how Christians of today are behaving most evidential in this most trying moments in the life of their beloved sister Moesha.

It is Soo sad how Christians are criticizing her so much after all these years of living in the world and she boldly renounces all to live for Christ.

Instead of welcoming her with a widely open arms, we set unto social media and pass all sort of comments against her.

There has been diverse hints revealed as to what happened to her properties. Some sources has it that, she sold out everything she acquired through her old life.

Where in this context, Efya was alleged for wickedly purchasing her Range Rover Evogue worth over 40k for 15k. Some other sources also claim her sugar daddy came back for her car after her decision to convert was made public.

Meanwhile, the Princess Shyngle a Nigerian actress has revealed in a video telling all about the conversation she had with her friend Moesha. She stated that, she was in doubt as to whether Moesha was hypnotized or not. In her video, she played out an audio recording which is believed to be that of Moesha's voice.

The individual in the video made it clear that her things were not sold, but rather she gave them out freely to the church so she could serve God wholeheartedly and see the good things He has in stock for her.

Though the contents of this video is not completely known whether to be true or false, we need to play our parts in helped Moesha out of the dilenma in which she finds herself now.

Our duty as Christians therefore, is to draw her closer to the family and make her realized that there is indeed Soo much joy in the Lord's vineyard.

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