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Why does the media promote Telenovelas over Ghanaian Contents?

In the good old days when television channels used to show educative movies and comedy movie with Ghanaian contents, for the citizenry to enjoy as now gone down the drain.

Now our television channels are being flooded with the Latin American, Mexican telenovelas, which has reduced the hunger for Ghanaian content on our television channels. In my opinion,this has become too much to bare because from now and then telenovelas has dominated the Ghanaian screens with their rich content.

Don't we have any Media body that regulates the content being shown on television? Well, we would have spoken out loud if we didn't like it. They are interesting aren't they ? So can we do to bring back the hunger for Ghanaian content on the television screens to reduce the eagerness for the Mexican and Indian content of telenovelas.

Let's love our own,watch our own and buy our own. And let's be much richer in content than the "whites"

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Ghanaian Latin American Mexican Telenovelas


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