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My Boss At My Nss Post Wants Me To Be Intimate With Her.

There's this Facebook page that is into matters that people go through in their lives.

Whatever issue you have and need help is sent to the page administrator to be posted anonymously.

The page is called IQRA SHOW.

And in one of the episode, a national service Personnel had this to say about his boss.

I'm from Tamale and doing my national service in one of the ministries which I wouldn't want to mention the name for security reasons.

 The guy in his write up indicated that he's actually endowed with handsomeness.

He said he has stayed in Tamale for the whole of his life but people always think he's from somewhere else because of how fresh he's looking.

I think he said all the above to back why his boss might be crushing on him.

" My immediate Boss who happens to be a married woman but she looks very young nearly made me have s*x with her today on the first day of fasting and it was only Allah who saved me" He confessed.

The guy being sincere with the audience of the platform Said that if not because he was fasting, he would have chewed his boss.

He also said the lady made it clear to him that she's going to take very good care of him and maintain him after the internship is over.

In fact he said there were a lot of juicy offers promised by his boss if only he agrees to have an affair with her.

" I don't want to go to work tomorrow, I'm planning to lie that I am sick because the woman actually want me to do something with her but I'm fasting. I don't know what to do, is it a better decision to stay home until the fasting is over ?" He asked.

But why will a married lady who happens to be a boss in a public institution be trying to engage in that act?

Leave a comment what you think the guy should do.

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