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Kofi Adoma and Zionfelix are all greedy for trying to interview Twene Jonas - Ghanaians Blasts

What we all know is he who sows the seeds deserve to reap the fruit. However, some people will never help you in attaining your goals in life but when you finally make it, then they will begin to get close to you and benefit from your success.

Recently in Ghana, there's is a particular influencer known as Twene Jonas that is trending on the internet with his patriotic lifestyle trying to bring to the attention of our leaders how retrogressing our country is.

When this guy known as Twene Jonas began his video journey, no blogger was able to notice him and push him but when he struggled to make it, at last, Kofi Adoma has now booked a flight to go to America to interview him to generate an income from his content.

What made Ghanaians very furious was, we were all in this country when a certain man of God known as Ajaguraja was pushed by a certain blogger. When this man of God became famous Zionfelix was the first blogger to interview him. He was able to generate income from his interviews.

Again, Avram Ben Moshe became a victim of these greedy bloggers when Avram Ben Moshe struggled to reach where he is now. Kofi Adoma was the first man to go to him to interview him. He found him and started setting debates for him. Ghanaians are telling Twene Jonas to charge Kofi Adoma before he interviews with him. He's a parasite and wants to feed on the success of every person trending.

Instead of these bloggers pushing people and makes them better, they wait for them to push themselves to the top and after they make it, these same bloggers will go to them and interview them and make money from them.

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