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Sorrowful Story Of Wentworth Earl Miller Of Prison Break

Wentworth Earl Miller III is an English-American actor and screenwriter. He rose to prominence following his starring role as Michael Scofield in the Fox series Prison Break, for which he received a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. He was born in Chipping Norton, United States.

Wentworth in an inspiring speech shared an inspirational message using his own life story.

He said "My name is Wentworth Earl Miller, I was born in Chipping Norton, United States, but I didn't grow up in one particular religion, I have a mixed raced background, like many others, I grow up in what I would call (Survival Mode).

When you are in Survival Mode, your focus is on getting through the day in one piece, and when you are in that mode between 5 to 15, there isn't a lot of space for words like community, words like us or we, there is only space for I and me.

The first time I tried to kill myself, I was 15. I waited until my family went away for the weekend, I was left all alone in the house and I swallowed a bottle of pills. I didn't know what happened over the couple of days, but am pretty sure come Monday morning, I was on the bus back to school pretending everything was fine. And when someone ask me, if that was a cry for help, I say (No) because I told no one. You only cry for help if you believe there is help to cry for. This speech in which I tell the truth and integrate my small story into a much larger and more important one is worth sending. I thought, let me be to someone else what no one was to me, let me send this message to that kid, maybe in America, maybe some place far overseas, maybe somewhere deep inside, a kid who's being targeted at home or at school, or in the streets that someone is watching, listening and caring, that there is an us, that is a we, and that kid or teenager or adult is loved and that they are not alone, that someone would always be ready to share with them their pain and agony, for sometime I tried to messup my life since I thought my life wasn't worth living, I got back up, motivated myself and moved on. I want to share with that someone out there, that is always a second chance for everybody and it never too late to make a difference".

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