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Tv3 Talented Kid Watabomshell: Being Consistent is Difficult When No One is Clapping For You

Enock Darko, popularly known as Watabomshell has indicated recently on his Facebook page that consistency is difficult when no one is clapping for you.

He hinted that, you must clap for yourself during such times, adding that you should be always be your biggest fan. 

Enock Darko participated in the second edition of Tv3 Talented Kids in 2011.

He came out as the 1st runner up and ever since, Enock has being relentless in pursuing his dreams as a comedian and an actor.

After the show, Enock Darko starred in a couple of movies and series in Ghana before moving to Nigeria

According to Watabomshell, he went to Nigeria to find more prospects and better opportunities because the Ghanaian movie industry was quite slow. 

And the hate and backbiting among the Actors and Actresses, according to him, wasn't breeding a good ground for him as a young actor. 

Though, Enock's rise to fame in the Nigerian Movie Industry didn't come on a silver platter, he has said it severally that, he wouldn't have reached where he is now if he had stayed in Ghana. 

As a young child, who dared to pursue his talent in an environment, he describes as hostile, he needed to be strong and focused. 

In our world today, starting any adventure is not as difficult as staying consistent on it. 

There are a lot of people who have given up on their dreams because of the challenges and difficulties they faced when they started. 

For whatever reason there is, it is quite difficult to get people to believe in your dreams and ideas at the initial stages. 

This lonely period, is the most difficult and also the important part of the journey. 

This is because, as you may not get the needed help and attention, you may end up doing everything yourself which will give you the experiences you will need as your blossom. 

You practically have to be strong willed in order to push through. 

Believing that, you can achieve your goals and purpose no matter the challenges. 

In fact during this period, you can even get people who will bet on your success or failure. 

Some will stay nonchalant while others will be oblivious of your struggles.

But if you don't give up and you stay consistent, you will definitely end up with a success story. 

Therefore, as Enock best put it, consistency is all you will need to reach to the top, so even if no one claps for you, cheer yourself on, be your number one fan and stay consistent. 

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