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The History Afiadenyigba A Town In The Volta Region.

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Anlo Afiadenyigba is a town in the Volta Region of Ghana. The town is located on the southern part of the Keta lagoon.

The people from Afiadenyigba are descendants of Anlo Ewe groups who settled in Anloga. The Anlo ancestors migrated from No

tsie in central Togo in the mid seventeenth century (Between the sea and the lagoon).

The Anlo ancestors established several small settlements on the southern and northern shores of the keta lagoon. Anlo Afiadenyigba is on the northern part.

The conflict between the Anlo and Keta led to war in 1792 and keta was razed to the ground. The people of Keta migrated east and founded the state on some land granted them by Klikor.

Most of the inhabitants are fisher folks who fish in the keta lagoon . The women trade in fried fish between Ghana and Togo . Some of the men are Kente weavers who sell their work in Agbozume market.

Afiadenyigba has been noted for learning and performing many music dances . Fishermen who traveled out Benin , Togo ,and Nigeria learnt many dance which they brought to the town. The go to other town to teach such drums as Gahu dance.

The music and dance group found in the area is the Gadzo Group founded by the late Mortoo Agbovor in 1939 named after war dance and drum rhythm performed by the community's forefathers as they migrated into southeastern Ghana.

The tow has the Anlo Afiadenyigba Senior High School.

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