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Date Rush Contestants Who Were Undermined Because They Were Not Handsome or Beautiful Enough

Date rush uses the slogan "everybody deserves love", but it is not everyone who gets love on the program. The more attractive you are, the higher the chances you have of getting a date.

Below are some Date Rush Contestants who have been undermined or not selected because those searching chose someone they believed were more attractive.

1. Fatima

Fatima is one of the ladies who since the beginning of the program has had bad luck getting a date. Her refusal to change some aspects of her appearance such as her hairstyle and fashion sense does not give her the fighting edge to compete against ladies who seem to invest a lot into their appearance and beauty.

2. Desmond

Ever since the male edition of the show started, Desmond has faced his fair share of ridicule as he gets teased a lot for his height. Ladies who have appeared during the span of the program have made it clear to Ghanaians that they are mostly searching for taller partners and this is where Desmond often falls short. Besides that, he is a handsome gentleman who deserves love.

3. Rockson

Rockson has also faced his fair share of rejection since appearing on the show. One would think his fair complexion and average height would at least bring some love his way, however, he has been rejected multiple times. One lady when asked why he didn't pick Rockson explained that she doesn't like a guy with braids. So that might be part of the reason why ladies don't often pick him.

4. Cindy

Cindy is also one of the veterans on the show. She first used to be the least favourite among the ladies due to her sassy attitude, however, over time Ghanaians now have sympathy for her as she can't land a date. Many Ghanaians have commented saying if she changes her hairstyle would appear even more beautiful.

5. Ruth

Ruth's ultimate rejection can be considered one of the most entertaining to witness. Sammy a male contestant searching for love revealed to her that it is because she looks older he would not like to date her. That may be the reason why many gentlemen on coming onto the show choose to look elsewhere.

6. Sammy

Sammy can be considered one of the fine-looking gentlemen on the show, however beauty, they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. Ladies on the show and date rush fans have commented saying he behaves immaturely and that might be the turn-off for the ladies who appear on the show.

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