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Kafui Dey and Striker De Donzy Gives a Wild Striking Pose for the Camera; But What is Cooking?

Striker De Donzy is a Ghanaian up and coming talented Afrobeat Musician. 

He is based in Northern part of Ghana, precisely Mamprugu

Striker De Donzy is also known as ‘Mamprugu Ruler’. 

His fans affectionately call him Mamprugu Ruler, because believably, he is the Reigning king when it comes to music in the northern part of Ghana. 

Indeed after listening to one of his songs titled '' Nu Dirgu Bia'', which was released a month ago, I'm absolutely convinced that Striker De Donzy is a royal gem. 

I couldn't get enough of watching his music video. 

The dexterity in his voice was amazing and interesting to watch him sing and perform. 

The sultriness of his voice, couple with Striker De Donzy's ability to rhyme in the Mumpruli language is something to watch out for. 

This is indeed a great talent that Ghanaians must celebrate. 

Earlier today, Kafui Dey interviewed him on GTV's Breakfast show and he indeed showed the reason why he chose the name striker. 


He gave Kafui Dey a life time experience with this striking pose just for the camera. 

Below are some of the great songs Striker De Donzy has released. 

These are “Feruza”, “E’yurima”, “Thank You (fans)”, “Bi Yoli”, “Nimmosi” and the current one is '' Nu Dirgu Bia''.

Striker is indeed a great musician whom I believe is going to take Ghana to the international music market.

One advise I have for Striker De Donzy is that, he should translate the title of his songs to English.

In order that, apart from jamming to the rhythm others can understand and appreciate the lyrics. 

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