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Kelvin Taylor Goes Hard On Bernard Avle For Making This Suggestion During The Strike.

Host of the With All Due Respect show, Kelvin Taylor, slammed Bernard Avle for making some suggestions during the morning when the drivers had begun their strike. Kelvin Taylor revealed that he received video footage of Bernard Avle's morning show today. According to Kelvin Taylor, he became totally disappointed in Bernard Avle at that instant.

In that video footage, Kelvin Taylor narrated that Bernard Avle was spotted suggesting that school buses and other private buses must be made available for the workers. Kelvin Taylor believed that this suggestion from Bernard Avle could when taken into consideration, could have incited the drivers against the owners of these buses. Kelvin Taylor stated that that kind of journalism will bring chaos into society. He alleged that Bernard Avle was doing that to please his paymasters.

He further advised the drivers not to end the strike until fuel prices are reduced. He stated that their leadership had been bribed that was why they called off the strike.

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