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Check Out These Throwback Pictures Of Our Ghanaiain Culture And Current Ones And See Some Changes

Take a look at the pictures below

The pictures above show us the path of how we humans have evolved from the beginning. According to scientific knowledge we developed from the prehistoric primates which results to our scientific name, Homo-Sapiens. A series of research and investigations try to prove this. After our great evolution, man had a challenging transition from the stone age to the bronze age and finally to the iron age where and when he depended solely on his strength mostly. The next stage was the cold ice age when he discovered the true importance of clothes and fire. Over the years we have developed so much and now we have the most developed technologies.

So goes the trend for Ghanaians and all other people ok this earth. From the time of Independence till our current state, Ghana has really gone through a lot not just in terms of the struggle for self rule but in terms of our own individual selves in our struggle to catch up to the developed countries.

Ghanaians have gone through a lot of changes in our cultures and traditions since 1957 Independence till now which can be seen in the various categories. Below are the changes we have gone through in the categories.


In terms of what we put on our bodies, we the Ghanaian people have always had the taste for high quality and nice items that make us look good and also shows our 'life' to the world at large. We have left the old heavy trousers and afro hairstyles in the past and have taken the modern styles of dressing. When it comes to clothes, we have not abandoned the old textiles like the kente and GTP fabrics but we have rather created new styles to enhance the way we look in theml. Kaba and slit, Kaftan, and even suits have been modernized to meet the trends of the current century. Take a look at pictures of the styles we used to take pride in and those we have embraced today.




The days when we used to sit around in circles around the camp fire and tell stories are all gone. These days with the pressing of a button the television remote, we are transported to worlds of movies and TV shows. But in a way most of us wish we could do those things again in this century. When it comes to the arts like music and dance, we have indeed changed a lot. From the 90's Daddy Lumba and the olden day musicians, we have raised many musical superstars in the likes of the rapperl Sarkodie, Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale who have taken the name of Ghana over the high seas. When it comes to the movies, talented actors like Van Vicker, John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson and others have indeed put us on the world map.

Culture And Tradition

Culture and Tradition never end, they just find new forms and change. We sculpt them to meet the needs of the modern age. The days when human sacrifices were a thing in Ghana are long gone and abandoned. We have also learnt to deal with ethnic conflicts in better ways such as arbitration, mediation, court sessions and more. This has lessened the number of incidents since 1957. We have abandoned the bad aspects of culture and kept some of the good ones. The abandoned ones include; witch hunting, widowhood rites, trokosi and child marriage.


The union of two people in love have also gotten a new dimension in this era. The days when one could only marry from his or her tribe are gone. These days a man or woman can choose any religion or tribe of choice to marry from, be it the Ashanti, Dagomba, Ewe, Mamprusi or Ga ethnic tribes. This has made unity among such tribes stronger than before and is therefore one of the factors that are responsible for Ghana's worldwide known peace record.


Back in the days, Ghana could boast of only a few primary, Junior high and secondary schools and even fewer universities but as I speak there are over 500 schools affiliated to only secondary education. This shows how much the educational system has improved since the self rule began. Through education we have raised and bred big politicians like the late John Evans Atta Mills, John Agyekum Kuffuor, John Dramani Mahama and the current president His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo. Our medical schools are filled to the capacity with yearning young doctors and nurses. What shows education has not gone beyond expectations.


From petty blacksmithing, carpentry, tailoring, the Ghanaian businesses and industry have evolved tremendously. Banks, Gas stations and others like canning factories and mines are in the rise this time around. Ghana has seen quite a lot of change, some came to stay and others lost value after sometime but one thing I can say with pride is that the Ghanaian businesses and industry have led to the effective production of revenue to the country for efficient use. Not just that but also employment to jobless youth.

It is not a lie that we are still developing as compared to other countries but this state we currently are in is so much better than the previous. Hopefully we will get to see more development and more peace in the years to come. What do you miss about the good old days??

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