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A Man Shares Why He Will Not Allow His Late Uncle's Wife To Sell The Property He Left For Them

A man by the name of Kwame who is a teacher in an interview narrates why he will not allow his late uncle's wife to sell the property the uncle left for them unless they compensate him. According to the Kwame, he stayed with his uncle so many years before he fell sick and died. After his funeral, he was given full custody of the property his uncle left but the late uncle's wife named Madam Patricia doesn't want him to have peace in the house.

Kwame said he used the property to establish a school but still, the woman wanted to take over the whole property which has been given to him. They all met over this issue and came into a conclusion that he will take part of the building for his school project whilst Madam Patricia will occupy the remaining rooms with her children but the woman wants to take over all the property. They all thought they have settled every misunderstanding between them not knowing that the woman is not happy about the property given to her.

Kwame said the woman used to visit him whilst he is at school and always insults him without offending her. One day she came to the house with some men to survey the whole property claiming that she wants to sell the property, but he will not allow his late uncle's wife to sell the property unless he is given compensation, because he has spent a lot of money in establishing the school. The man said he wants to take GHC78,000 from the widow before he will allow her to sell the property.

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