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My son saw something on his own that I should have told him about

In as much as families are the basics of the world population, contemporarily only visit few family heads have had time to teach the younger generation what life is all about. My son is one person I failed to share some of my life experiences with.

He has a software on his PC he uses to make beautiful arts. In his recent art works I tried my best to stop my tears when on his own he was able to make arts of how life today is actually like. He has already grown into a man once he's been able to depict the reality of life in our modern world.

1. People have too much to shop at THE MALL for, meanwhile some also have literally none so the shop FROM THE GARBAGE BIN!

2. Those who help the needy would want to SHOW THE INTERNET FAMILY the least they have done!

3. The graduate takes the place of the beggars because government company is employing their family EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT QUALIFIED!

4. You DO GOOD to people and they REPAY YOU WITH EVIL!

5. They have the means to help you while you're alive but will DONATE TO DISPOSE YOUR CORPSE!

6. The smartest and brightest is eliminated with an UNREASONABLE BUT CONVINCING REASON!

7. Others take ALL THE CREDIT for what we killed ourselves to do.

8. TRICKS ARE BEING PLAYED ON THE MAJORITY because they want them to think it's good!

9. Homo sapiens (wise beings) boldly stand against mother nature to defend their so called CIVILIZATION!

10. Love in any large quantity is no more of interest to people, but MONEY!

11. The message is CLEAR here

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