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Throwback: Pastor’s wife caught cheating with a Church elder

In Ghana, the issue of husband and wife cheating on each other has suddenly become a widespread problem.

Now, some of the people we felt we might turn to for support have become embroiled in these issues. Pastors and prophet over the years have been reported engaging in adulterous.

Could you believe that the council of elders of Christian Faith Evangelist Church excommunicated an elder for allegedly engaging in an amorous sexual relationship with their pastor's newly married wife?

According to the information collected, the two had been dating before the woman married the priest, but that didn't stop them from seeing each other in strange places and even in movie theatres before their cover was blown by a tip-off.

Mercy Igbo, 32, the adulterous wife, was summoned by the elders before the verdict was handed down to her lover. The woman claimed she agreed to marry the pastor because he had money and all the necessities, and she abandoned her boyfriend, who happened to be an elder of the church.

After a year without a child, things began to change between the pastor and the wife, who was constantly moaning about her husband's inability to satisfy her in bed.

So now whom do we run to, who should be confined in as a person who can help us free from all this adulterous?

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