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After singing and everything Fatima still got disappointed once again.

Fatima of Date Rush would never and ever forget what happened on the show today.

After singing and everything she still got disappointed.

When it comes to choosing a guy for a date on Date Rush, Fatima is really selective but today I think she had her kind of guy but the unexpected happened on the show.

It really ended in tears for Fatima as a guy she sung for chose Bella over her.

Kofi is one of the cute and handsome guys who went on the show for love.

One could clearly testify that, Fatima and Kofi were seriously connecting with each other and this even made sing sing for him.

The faith was between Bella and Fatima.

After the guy asked his question, Bella and Fatima really gave satisfactory answers but the guy ended up turning Fatima's Rush off .

Indeed, Fatima and Bella have really come a long way so far as Date Rush is concerned.

Thus to say that Bella finally had a date.

Fatima will definitely get a date on next episode.

She remained speechless for a couple of minutes before coming back to normal.

Meanwhile, Fatima and Kofi could have being perfectly marched together as the two of them are musicians but beauty they say lies in eyes of the beholder.

Date Rush, everyone deserves love.

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