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Cilla Rejects Handsome Romantic Man Because of "Buttocks" and Jollof Rice

Inasmuch as Date Rush through its contestants bring entertainment to the homes of Ghanaians, there are sometimes when their reasons for making decisions as to whether to accept a date or not either does not make sense or it is simply ridiculous.

On this week's episode of date rush, The Gentlemen on the program to switch things a little bit and make it a tad bit more interesting. One Gentleman named Kingsley Kese brought to the auditorium a romantic atmosphere as he brought flowers along. This romantic gesture was received well among the audience present, viewers at home, and almost all the ladies on stage.

During the discussion of Kingsley's profile in which a close friend of his revealed that he likes curvaceous ladies and he is sometimes caught watching and admiring them, Cilla took it upon herself to reject Kingsley because of this.

She added that she knows what she has (a slimmer frame) and thus should they date, she would feel inadequate as she knows that he would be admiring others. That seemed like a logical reason and thus no one objected, but she took things a step further, she took it up herself to criticize Kingsley for giving her and the ladies flowers.

She states that "Ghanaian Ladies do not believe in flowers, they believe in jollof rice and chicken, therefore next time when he is coming on he should bring Jollof Rice instead". As if that is not enough, she proceeds to walk to Kingsley to return the flowers that he gave her.

Although Kingsley was surprised about the second reason, he wasn't disappointed because it seems he had his sights on Ellen from the get-go. In the end, when he had the choice to choose between Fatima and Ellen, he broke Fatima's heart by going for Ellen.

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