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5 things a man needs before he chooses a life partner

It is very difficult for men to choose a woman they want to stay with her forever because the system these days has change from what it used to be in the olden days but before any man decides to make such bold decision concerning his life, he must have these five things that we are going to talk about today, ladies must also not take chances with a man who lacks any of these five things else you will have yourself to blame. Men learn these and make yourself the dream husband for any woman.

The presence of God: the first thing God gave the first man was his presence, God put Adam in his presence at the garden of Eden so that they will communicate and this is the most important thing any man needs before he chooses a life partner to live with, the presence of God in the life of a man is very important because it will guide you as a man to make meaningful decisions.

A job – working: after God placed Adam in his presence, the next thing God gave Adam was work and that is a job, Adam job was to give names to everything God has created and take care of them, which can be found in Genesis 2:15.

Cultivate: the next thing God gave Adam after the work was that God told him to cultivate, cultivate means to bring out the best in everything around you, in other words to maximize or to bring everything around you to fruitful, we must know that the male was created by God to creates what he wants, which means the woman you want is in your head but you must cultivate to locate where she is, if as a man you luck the spirit of cultivation you will not locate the right woman you want, cultivating is the act of waking up your wife who is putting on weight at dawn and telling her babe come lets go jog.

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