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I Should Rather Beg The Man To Stop and Not The Other Way Round - Fatima on Date Rush Finale

Ghanaians are have expressed sadness as their favorite Sunday evening program will be going on a short break as they telecasted some form of rewind finale today. The Program host explained that the episode shown this week was one that was unseen but prerecorded thus shows ladies who had already gotten dates.

The episode was however spiced up with a mini-interview session of one of the ladies whom many Ghanaians have come to love, Fatima.

By now it is no secret that Fatima likes to keep things real. On the show, she revealed in one of the episodes that she enjoys "bedroom gymnastics". Interviewers have thus made it a point to raise that topic when they have the chance.

In the date rush season 4 special episode which marks a break. Fatima was interviewed and asked several questions relating to her rise to stardom and some of her bedroom escapades. With regards to her stardom, she thanked Ghanaians immensely for loving her for who she is.

About the bedroom escapades, she goes on to make her usual statement about how "bedroom gymnastics" helps relieve stress. She adds that it during the "heated session" should the guy beg that he is tired and thus wants to stop, it implies that he is weak, therefore she doesn't want that. She adds that she should be the one to beg the man to stop and not the other way round.

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